Superhero Invitations

Are you on the lookout of superhero invitations? Planning a successful superhero birthday party might be a little difficult, but it is always fun. If you are planning a birthday party for your child then there are several options, color schemes and characters that you can use. There are limitless possibilities for you to use and make the party a memorable one. Birthday parties with superhero themes are the most popular among children with varied character choices. You can use a world of different options and ideas for such parties. There are different invitations that you can find for superhero birthday parties and some have been described below:

Superhero Invitations

Superhero Party Personalized Invitation

With cartoon shows, movies and comic books all featuring some of the most popular superheroes, it is absolutely correct to say that these heroes are here to stay for a very long time. The Superhero Party Personalized Invitation can best be used for completing the preparations for a super hero themed birthday party. This invitation features a picture of a man opening his shirt for revealing the super hero costume that he is wearing. The best part of this invitation is that there is a blank area in its center for putting in personalized messages.

Skyline Superhero Birthday Party for Kids 4.5X6.25 Paper Invitation Card

This is the perfect superhero invitation for a children’s party. You can use this invitation for inviting your child’s guests to be a part of the party while being dressed in superhero costumes, masks and capes. The invitation features four children in fun and colorful superhero outfits standing right on the top of a building with the background being a very beautiful city skyline. There is a light shining in the sky above for getting the attention of all the superheroes. There is a reverse page which consists of an amazing flying superhero. This invitation is best for all those birthday girls and boys who are fond of dress up parties and superhero themes. You can easily personalize this invitation by using party details.

Boys Photo Superhero Birthday Invitation

This is a birthday invitation featuring a city silhouette along with some stars and other decorative elements giving the invitation a kind of cartoon feel and look. This invitation has also got space for a single photo and can also be personalized very easily. It is one of the best Superhero Invitations that you can use for your boy’s superhero birthday party.

Superhero Chalkboard Birthday Invitation

This invitation has got a very cute superhero, an arrow, some decorative elements and handwritten fonts on a background of scanned chalkboard. The invitation can be easily personalized and it is ideal for a boy’s superhero party. It is best used for the birthday party of your 3 to 4 year old son.

Superhero Kids Boys Birthday Party Invitation Blue

This is another cute superhero invitation template featuring a superhero boy. The boy has his hands on his hips and there is also a blue cape which is flying in the background. The boy is also found wearing a red eye mask along with hero costume featuring an S on the chest denoting Superhero. On the side of the large superhero boy, there is the design of a star burst in blue and red with the age of your child. There is a background banner in red and yellow with flying superheroes making the border of the invite. There is a border at the bottom featuring standing superheroes sketched entirely in blue. Invitation text needs to be centered within a large star burst in yellow. The flip side of the invitation features a superhero and a star burst in red and yellow. This invitation has a blue background. The invitation text font is blue and red in the font style of a comic book. This is a brightly colored and a cute invitation for boys who are simply fond of comic book characters and superheroes. There are template spots where you can put in the party information. The invitations mentioned above make up some of the best Superhero Invitations for birthday parties.

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